Creating the Ideal Staycation

Creating the Ideal Staycation

Creating the Ideal Staycation

If you don’t have the time or money to take a vacation this year, don’t fret. You can have just as much fun by going on a staycation. First, though, you need to set up your backyard so it will be ready for your staycation. It might take a little bit of time to set up the first time, but once you do, it will be ready every time you need a break. Then, you will have the perfect getaway, and you won’t have to buy plane tickets to get there.

Clean Up Your Backyard

Since your backyard is going to be the focal point of your staycation, you need to clean it up. Trim away any overgrown bushes and get rid of the debris. Also, fill in any holes, tend to your garden, and do everything else necessary to get it in tip-top shape. Finally, power-wash everything. You want it to be pristine so you will feel relaxed every time you step outside.

Create Outdoor Zones

You want to have various options when you go outside during your staycation, and you can accomplish that by creating zones. This is easy to do, even if your backyard is small. Get some patio furniture for dining and some separate furniture for lounging. Set that up in separate areas of the patio, using area rugs to separate the two zones. Then, create another section for the fire pit. When you walk out onto your patio, you can choose the section you want to visit. It will be as if you have an outdoor oasis right in your backyard.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of your zone options. Brainstorm ideas and create the zones you want for the perfect outdoor space.

Create an Outdoor Movie Theater

You can also create an outdoor movie theater to use during your staycation. That sounds like a headache, doesn’t it? It’s actually really easy. You just need a big sheet and a protector. String the sheet up and point the projector toward it. As far as seating goes, consider comfortable patio seating, such as plush outdoor sofas and loveseats. Arrange the furniture around the sheet so you and your guests can sprawl out and enjoy the film. Just make sure you don’t screen your movies too late at night. You don’t want your neighbors to complain.

Make Your Yard Seem Bigger

Not everyone owns a big yard, but you can trick yourself into thinking that you have tons of space, even if you don’t. The trick comes down to color. When you use a lot of contrasting colors, your brain actually thinks the space is much bigger than it is. Use various colored rugs and patio furniture for this look. You can also switch up colors with throw pillows. Have a special color for each zone so your yard will seem huge.

Choose a Focal Point

A focal point dresses up the entire back yard and makes it easier to relax. Think about what you want out of your staycation when you create a focal point. Do you want to feel like you have embarked on an artistic journey? If so, get some outdoor artwork for your focal point. Do you prefer feeling as if you are relaxing on the beach? That means you need to go with a water feature as your focal point. There is no limit to what you can do here, and there aren’t any rules. Just pick something that makes you happy.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

You can’t have the perfect staycation if your mind isn’t in it. That means you need to act just as you would on a real vacation. That means you need to set some ground rules. Let yourself know you can’t do any housework or run any errands during your staycation. You also might want to unplug during it.

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