Four Fantastic Ideas for Hanging a Hammock (No Trees Required)

Four Fantastic Ideas for Hanging a Hammock (No Trees Required)

Four Fantastic Ideas for Hanging a Hammock (No Trees Required)

When it comes to warm-weather relaxation, nothing beats a hammock. Simply lie back in one on a sunny day and you’re suddenly transported to your own private paradise.

Everyone knows that hammocks are traditionally hung between trees and if you’ve got a few healthy oaks, elms, or maples in your yard that are spaced far enough apart, then consider yourself lucky. Nature has provided you with the ideal spot.

But what if your home didn’t come with the perfect hammock habitat? Are you doomed to live a life devoid of the pleasures of outdoor relaxation? No, of course not!

Check out these four ideas for hanging a hammock—no trees required.

1.     Fence Posts Are Perfect

You can create your own “trees” by installing two fence posts wherever you would like your hammock to be. Use posts that are four inches by four inches, and tall enough to keep the hammock three feet above the ground. The space between the posts should be about two or three feet more than the actual hammock.

After you have your post placement figured out, use a post-hole digger or a shovel to dig a 12-inch wide hole that’s half as deep as your fence post. So if your fence post is six feet tall, then dig a three foot hole. Add a few inches of gravel to each hole, then fill the hole two-thirds of the way with wet concrete. Then, place the post in the hole and add more concrete until the entire hole is filled. Once the posts are set and the concrete is dry, you can tie the hammock directly to the posts or twist in heavy-duty eye screws for sturdier tie-off points.

2.     Your Porch Has Possibilities

If you have a front porch with strong posts, then you may already have the ideal spot for your hammock—no digging or concrete needed. You can twist in heavy-duty eye screws to the posts for tie-off points. If you’d rather not put holes in your posts, then you can use slip-resistant leather or nylon straps with tie-off hooks to hold the hammock securely in place without damaging the posts. You can also wrap the hammock ties several times around the post and secure it with strong knots.

A word of caution: Never string a hammock above your porch’s banister, railing, or steps—it’s just not safe. If the hammock should break or fall, then someone could seriously injure themselves. Setting up your hammock between posts that have no railing between (like in a corner) is a safer option.

3.     Find a Fantastic Frame

Hammock frames are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility. Frames are made of wood or metal, and placed anywhere you have space, making it ideal for people with small properties.

Frames can be assembled relatively quickly with basic tools, and they are designed to hold a hammock at the perfect height. So there’s no guesswork or readjusting on your part. Simply set it up and start relaxing.

Plus, most hammock frames are surprisingly lightweight and portable. So if you’ve decided that you’ve had enough sun and want some shade, you can move your hammock with relative ease.

4.     Hang it From Your Home

If there are two structures that sit close enough to each other on your property, then you can hang your hammock between them. For example, you can hang it between your house and a detached garage. Or, hang it between a garage and a shed. You can even install a single post as described above to secure one end of the hammock and use the house, garage, or shed to secure the other end.

You’ll definitely need to use heavy-duty eye screws to secure a hammock to a sturdy part of whatever structure you choose. Note that vinyl or aluminum siding is not strong enough to support the weight of a person in a hammock, so the hardware must go through the siding and into a wall stud.

No More Hammock Hang-Ups

There’s no need to let a lack of trees keep you from enjoying a lazy summer day in a hammock. Use one of the great ideas above, and you’ll be in hammock heaven in no time.

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