Modern Chic Patio Inspiration - ft. the brand Telescope

Modern Chic Patio Inspiration - ft. the brand Telescope

Modern Chic Patio Inspiration - ft. the brand Telescope

Telescope has been around for over a century, but it still manages to have the most modern patio furniture around. If you’re looking for modern chic inspiration, this brand can help. Pick up some Telescope brand patio furniture from Ski Barn today and turn that inspiration into a reality.

Get Comfortable

Think back to just a few years ago, when furniture was incredibly uncomfortable. If you went with the style at the time, you might have a rigid and uncomfortable patio set that you avoid at all costs. Here’s some great news. Comfortable is back in style, and Telescope delivers. The brand has cushioned armchairs, loveseats, sofas, and ottomans. This goes with the trend of bringing a cozy indoor style to the great outdoors. To achieve a modern and chic look, get comfortable this summer with the help of Telescope. Then, consider taking it to the next level with some outdoor accessories that look like they belong indoors, such as area rugs and artwork. It will be as if you have a living room set up on your patio. How nice does that sound?

Eliminate Clutter

Have you noticed how designs tend to be more minimalist now? Minimalist designs reduce the clutter so people can get more out of their spaces. You don’t have to go full-out minimalist to take part in this clutter-free trend. Getting a 64-inch square table or a 30-inch-x-60-inch dining set is a great way to reduce your clutter while still having some personality. This is a simple way to make your patio look more modern. You can even reduce clutter with small end tables and other items. The key is to get the size you need and nothing else. Don’t buy that huge table for the 30-person dinner party that you are never going to throw. Instead, keep it clutter-free and intimate with the help of Telescope.

Mix and Match Your Seating Options

You want to reduce clutter, but you still want to have options. Many modern and chic setups have an eclectic mix of options, and that is easy to do with Telescope. Get a full table and chair set, and then add some additional options, such as a cushioned sofa or an armchair. This will create that eclectic look that is great for being viewed as chic. You can mix and match even further with your outdoor décor. Create different design elements with your décor so your space is fun and funky. Your guests will think that you have an eye for design, even if you just randomly mix and match various elements.

Mix and Match the Textures

The coolest people also mix and match textures when buying patio furniture. Telescope makes this easy by offering furniture with different materials. Add in wicker, fabric, and other materials to make your patio stand out as the coolest one on the block. Plus, wicker is always in, so you can continue to use your wicker furniture for any trend that comes your way.

Go with a Strong Focal Point

Nothing says “modern” quite like a strong focal point. If you want to draw people into your patio, choose Telescope furniture with bold stripes that will grab people’s attention immediately. Then, add in some pieces with muted colors to play off the bold colors and patterns. The idea is to come up with a focal point and then decorate around it. That is much easier than trying to add a focal point into an already designed patio area.  

If you’re ready to be modern and chic, check out the Telescope patio furniture at Ski Barn. With four fully stocked showrooms across the state of New Jersey, it is easy to get in on the latest trends when you shop with us. Stop by one of the showrooms today so you can see how this furniture looks when it is set up. Then, take your favorite pieces home today!

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