Outdoor Pizza Oven at Ski Barn

Outdoor Pizza Oven at Ski Barn

Outdoor Pizza Oven at Ski Barn

Close your eyes and picture the smell of fresh, wood fired pizza cooking in your own backyard. Imagine the ease of whipping up a pizza in a top-of-the-line outdoor pizza oven, a Mangiafuoco from Fontana Forni. Now that you have pictured it, you might be wondering what the benefits of a wood fired pizza oven are and why you should select a Fontana Forni.

What are the benefits to cooking with a wood fired pizza oven?

People have been cooking with wood for centuries. However, unlike our ancestors of the past, we don’t have to spend all day tending the fire. There are numerous benefits to cooking with it, including:

  • High heat levels. Wood ovens can reach 1000 degrees, a temperature that would be expensive to maintain using gas or electric. The benefit of the high heat levels is it enables the food to cook quickly, yet delicately, to create a perfectly crisp outside and tender inside.
  • Cooks a multitude of things. Wood fired ovens aren’t just for pizzas. You can cook roasts, breads, vegetables, steaks, and even dessert. Experiment with different recipes and enjoy the flavorful taste.
  • Environmentally friendly. Enjoy the food that you eat from your wood fired oven and feel good about doing so. Cooking with the outdoor pizza oven is environmentally friendly. The reason being, the fires burn hot and clean to produce a small amount of smoke. The oven also heats up very quick, so the fire’s burning time is reduced and the smoke output is further minimized.
  • Even cooking. Cooking in a wood fired oven requires a high temperature and a proper placement for the heat. When the oven heats up it starts to circulate the hot air and draw in cooler air, which creates more heat. This process creates blazing, hot air that is spread evenly through Fontana’s convection fan.

Why should I select a Fontana Forni pizza oven?

Fontana builds the finest ovens made in Italy. Here at Ski Barn, we carry the Mangiafuoco, which is the perfect size for the family or entertainer. The oven will bring so much enjoyment by adding another dimension to cooking. It is so much fun to make artisan pizzas as a family or with friends.

We start with forming the dough to the desired shape and size. Next add the sauce and your favorite toppings. In just two minutes, the most amazing wood fired artisan pizza is ready to enjoy. The oven is great to bake bread, calzones, cookies, chicken wings, roasted meat, baked fish the possibilities are endless.

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