Patio Design and Decorating Tips

Patio Design and Decorating Tips

Patio Design and Decorating Tips

Your patio doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. You can make it stand out by implementing some design and decorating tips. These tips will make your patio the best on the block. In fact, people in your neighborhood might start asking you to help them design their patios.

Paint That Dated Brick

Dated brick on the patio floor or the wall will make your space seem old and outdated. You can modernize the look easily by adding a coat of paint. While some people opt for standard shades, think outside of the box and go with a bright hue. This will show off your personality and make your patio a fun and cool place to hang out. Consider adding some furniture with contrasting colors to make the look even more modern. 

Layer with Color

Lots of people are afraid to play with color, and that’s a shame. You can have a lot of fun with your outdoor patio if you commit yourself to going wild with color. Mix and match different shades of the same color to add some personality to your patio. You will be amazed by how great different shades look together. People will assume you have an eye for color, even if you’re just randomly mixing and matching.

Include a Bar Cabinet

Do you tend to do a lot of entertaining? If so, you can incorporate that into your design efforts. Add a bar cabinet to your patio, and then stock it up with your favorite wine and spirits. Not a drinker? Then you can put some family-friendly beverages in the cabinet. Be sure to add some glasses and extras, as well. Then, your guests won’t have to run inside every time they need a drink or a snack. Everything will be right there, ready for them to consume. That will make lazy days on the patio a lot more fun.

Add Some Outdoor Curtains

You can turn your patio into a room by putting up some outdoor curtains. These curtains will block some of the sun’s rays and they will make your patio more private. On top of that, they will add another dimension to your outdoor space. As soon as the curtains go up, your patio will look modern and luxurious. That’s not bad for such a simple accessory.

Soften Up Those Hard Edges

You want your patio to be a soft and inviting place, but that can be hard if you have a small space. All of those hard edges can become overwhelming, but you can make everything seem softer by adding a wall of greenery. A living wall will make your patio so much more appealing. It will suddenly feel like a retreat instead of a small space that contains some furniture. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can choose a faux living wall. It will look just as good, but it can make it through just about anything.

Get Funky with a Rug

Rugs aren’t just for indoors. You can find a nice outdoor rug to spice up your patio without having to put in a lot of work. Avoid rugs with solid colors. Instead, go with something with a bold pattern so it will stand out and let everyone know that your patio is the place to go for a fun time. You might even want to get a few rugs and swap them out from time to time. That way, your patio will always have a new look.

Add Color with Plants

You can feel far removed from nature, even when you’re sitting on your patio. Fortunately, you can bring nature to you with potted plants. Grow a container garden and mix and match different plants for your patio. You can also use a potted plant as a centerpiece on your patio table. Be sure to use plants with different colors and textures to get the best possible look.

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