The Power Color: Brighten Up Your Garden Space with Shades of Red

The Power Color: Brighten Up Your Garden Space with Shades of Red

The Power Color: Brighten Up Your Garden Space with Shades of Red

Red has always symbolized passion and confidence, so why not dress up your garden space with it? From rose bushes to red Adirondack chairs, this unexpected pop of color is an excellent addition in gardens large and small. Here at Ski Barn, we’ve rounded up the top six ways to brighten the look of your outdoor space with the ultimate power color.

  1. Create an inviting entryway with warm orange-reds. Think out of the box and paint your mailbox in red. Give new life to that old patio chair you were once considering tossing out. Finish off the look with some naturally red and burgundy flowers. 

  2. Establish a focal point within your garden bed playing around with the color red. Try purchasing a large fire engine red pot, and plant your favorite flowers in it. Or, do a fun DIY project and re-paint an old wheel barrow or large wooden container. Like the cherry on top of a sundae, a red accent is the perfect finishing touch.

  3. Choose flowers like bright red tulips or poppies to invigorate a shady area of your garden. The pops of red contrasted against the dark browns and evergreens nestled underneath the trees will create a dramatic, rich landscape. Alternatively, if your garden is bursting with nothing but greenery, you can break up the monotony with dramatic burgundy colored perennials or plants with velvety leaves.

  4. Did you know that red, fuchsia, pink, and orange are the colors that most attract lovely little garden creatures? Hummingbirds and butterflies will love visiting your home garden when these hues are on display. It’ll create a nice buzzing energy to your finely curated outdoor space and be great for bees and butterflies to pollinate in.

  5. Feel like you’ve planted everything you want, but your garden is still missing a little something? Consider incorporating some type of garden art. Whether it’s something minimal like a large red concrete sculpture, or an ornate fire pit with red mosaic tiles, you’ll realize sometimes all it takes is one feature to really pull the whole theme of your garden together.

  6. Consider lining part of your pathway with red tiles. Like a red carpet for your backyard, these bright tiles will enhance the ambiance of your garden and help clearly frame it.  If you live in a two-story house, try looking down from an upstairs window to best plan how to arrange the tiles so they’ll look beautiful from all angles.

Now that you’ve incorporated gorgeous red hues into your garden, sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

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